1. On your MAC , Open up the Microsoft Remote Desktop Application 

(If your ICON is greenish, please go to the apple store and install the updated version which will be an orange icon)

2. After Ensuring you you have the latest version, Launch the application

3 Click New (+ Sign) Then Enter the following information

  • Connection Name: Baker and Company Quick books
  • PC Name : apps.bakerandcompany.com
  • Gateway : "No Gateway Configured"
  • Useraname: use the username provided to you . e.g myusername@bacohosted
  • Password: use the password provided to you
  • Resolution: Native
  • Colors : Highest Quality (32bit)
  • Full Screen mode: OX X Native
  • Start Session in Full Screen : You can decide if you need this or not
  • Scale content : Uncheck
  • Use all monitors: Uncheck
  • Close the window
  • You should now see the shortcut in your list of Desktops to connect to.
  • Double click the connection named Baker and Company Quick-books

That completes the setup.